Mini Bar Theatre is José Avillez’s first gourmet bar. This place, located in São Luiz Theatre, has sure brightened up Chiado’s evenings and nights offering a new entertainment concept.

Monday to Sunday, from 7.00 pm onward, in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, José Avillez offers a Drink’s Menu with Special Cocktails, Wines, Craft Beers and more, and also small and varied gastronomic experiences full of flavour, wonder and fun that can be savored in the bar area or in the tables reserved for dinner.
This is not a traditional restaurant. Here, not everything is what it seems.

Green apple Margaritas and Caipirinhas – not to drink, but to eat. Foie gras Ferrero Rocher bonbon. Algarve Prawns in Ceviche served on a lime slice with a beetroot sphere and fried corn topping. The best roasted chicken as you never imagined it: in a small crispy base, full of flavour, with smoked cottage cheese cream.
Potatoes that are a big deal because they’re small.
The JAburger, a delicious hamburger served on an ultra-light brioche that melts in your mouth. The raspberry yoghurt, mascarpone and merengue served in a yoghurt sealed cup. The lemon-lime globe, a sorbet sphere filled with fresh childhood memories and much, much more.

The biggest stars are the Tasting Menus:
Epic and Now On.
These two menus represent the entertainment José Avillez offers. Along with the Tasting Menus, there is also a menu divided into several “Acts”: Snacks and Creative Entrées to eat with your fingers in a couple of bites; Fish and Meat to nibble; A Steak and a Hamburger for the more traditionalists; And, to finish, irresistible desserts.

Music also has a special role.
At Mini Bar, every Friday and Saturday, from 11 p.m. onward, we have a DJ to cheer up your evening.

Come to Mini Bar for a snack, to dine or have a drink. Step on to the stage and have fun.

Offer one of our Mini Bar vouchers.

Mini Bar Teatro
+ 351 21 130 53 93
Rua António Maria Cardoso, nº58 
1200-027 Lisboa

Opening hours:
Every day: to dine: 07.00pm-01.00am; to have a drink: 07.00pm-02.00am.
Closed on public holidays: For dinner on December 24 and all day on December 25.

Logo Mini Bar Teatro