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Located in Chiado, Cantinho do Avillez welcomes you with a natural blend of the traditional and the modern. Quality is the priority with Chef José Avillez, and nothing is left to chance. The cuisine, though mostly Portuguese-inspired, is influenced by travels abroad. The menu offers a wide choice of appetizers, “pregos” (steak sandwiches), entrées, main dishes and desserts so that with each visit the gastronomic experience can be surprising. The service, which is pleasant and informal, contributes to a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere.

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Cantinho do Avillez Chiado
+ 351 21 199 23 69
Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7
1200-162 Lisbon

Opening hours
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Following up on the success in Chiado and Porto, Cantinho do Avillez arrives at Parque das Nações with a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere, a view to the Tagus and the best contemporary Portuguese cuisine influenced by travels abroad.
The menu includes some of Cantinho's successful starters and dishes, like the Deep-fried green beans, the Tuna tartare with Asian flavours, the Giant red shrimp from Algarve with Thai sauce or the Flaked cod with bread crumbs, LT egg and exploding olives. But in the new restaurant, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste Meagre and shrimp moqueca or Vegetables and chickpeas in green curry. On the desserts’ section, it was inevitable to list some of the greatest hits of Cantinho do Avillez Chiado, like the Hazelnut3, or the famous CANTINHO’s chocolate cake with strawberry ice-cream. Among the freshet desserts, we have the Lemon sorbet with basil and vodka and the Papaya salad with passionfruit and lime.
With a terrace, a deck and a view to the river, the new Cantinho do Avillez is suitable for a business lunch, a family dinner or simply to rest after a walk along Tagus’ riverside.

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Cantinho do Avillez Parque das Nações
+ 351 218 700 365
Rua Bojador, 55, Parque das Nações

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
: 12:00 - 15:00 | 19:00 - 22:30.



“I was born and raised in Cascais; for me, to be in Cascais with Cantinho, my first restaurant, has special meaning -it’s like coming home.”  José Avillez
The new restaurant offers contemporary Portuguese cuisine influenced by travels abroad, and here and there, flavours that evoke José Avillez’ childhood in Cascais. The restaurant’s interior design, by Studio Astolfi, was inspired by Cascais and the closeness to the sea. Drenched in natural light and glistening blue, the new Cantinho has a relaxed atmosphere that’s also sophisticated and able to swiftly take us back to that vacation day.
The menu covers classics from Cantinho do Avillez, but there are also some novelties, like Duck escabeche with cherries, Eggs with steak sauce and “truffles” and the "Orange Swiss roll just like when I was 10", which is José Avillez’ way of paying homage to his childhood in Cascais and to the dessert he prepared and sold to neighbours and family together with his sister.

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Cantinho do Avillez Cascais
+ 351 211 389 666
Rua da Palmeira, 6
2750-133 Cascais

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 15:00 | 19:00 - 22:30.
Also open for Take-Away and UberEats.
Every day: 12:00 noon - 15:30 | 19:00 - 22:30
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Cantinho do Avillez in Porto is a friendly, welcoming and relaxed place. As always, of course, quality is a priority. Just like in Lisbon’s Cantinho, the cuisine is inspired in traditional Portuguese gastronomy but also influenced by the chef’s travels abroad. The Menu offers some of Lisbon’s Cantinho most celebrated dishes - Deep fried green beans with tartar sauce, Marinated scallops with avocado, Sautéed poultry livers with onion and Port reduction, Cod with bread crumbs, LT egg and “exploding” olives, Portobello mushrooms risotto with parmesan and basil, Hazelnut3 - and dishes that have become undisputed successes in Porto’s Cantinho, like the Prawns “à Bulhão Pato”, the Roasted octopus with potato and tomato bread mash, the Spoon-tender veal with curry sauce and Thai rice and, last but not least, the Chocolate3.

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Cantinho do Avillez Porto
+ 351 22 322 78 79
Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 166
4050-416 Porto

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 15:00 | 19:00 - 22:30.

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