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East or west? Home is best. This is Cantina Zé Avillez' motto. Here we can experience the best Portuguese homemade cooking in a warm, inviting place. A contemporary canteen, friendly and bright, in Campo das Cebolas, Lisbon.

At Cantina Zé Avillez we serve some of the best and most traditional Portuguese dishes. In a place where tiles and the blue shades of the sky and the sea predominate, we can enjoy Flaked Cod with Rapini, Bacalhoeiro Street Style Octopus, Codfish Pataniscas (Batter-fried cod) with Black Beans Rice or a Dobradinha (tripe) with Charcuterie.

But on this canteen we've also got savoury snacks, soups, steak sandwiches and salads for table 10 and for all of them! As well as small, traditional Portuguese entrées - Black-eyed Peas Salad with Tuna, Veal Trotters or Duck Escabeche with Shoestring Fries - to name only a few.

The restaurant has two ample rooms and an inviting terrace with a view to a garden drenched in Tagus' breeze. Here we showcase some of the best Portuguese flavours in a very friendly atmosphere inspired by the Portuguese custom of welcoming each and every guest with open arms.

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Cantina Zé Avillez
+351 215 807 625
Rua dos Arameiros (Campo das Cebolas), 15
1100-027, Lisbon

Opening hours
Every day: 12:00 - 15:00 | 19:00 - 23:00

Cantina ZA